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Site Hickups
5/29/2016 - Section: none

Some of the site functions stopped working after the recent php update. Should be hot-fixed by now. Well, looks like this old home-grown cms code needs revision sooner or later. Stay tuned for an update.

Witcher3 Mod: chickenHelmet mod
8/22/2015 - Section: Computer

A silly test case for W3MH - available at Nexusmods. Even made it into the kotaku news, lol.

Witcher3 Mod Helper: W3MH
8/19/2015 - Section: Computer

A tool to be used with the official Witcher 3 mod tools. It is a GUI wrapper for wcc_lite.exe, and helps selecting and importing/exporting files.
Check it out here over at Nexusmods.

Skyrim Mod: mikoMightyStaff
7/28/2015 - Section: Computer

This is a 'Staff of Sparks' type weapon, with custom mesh and textures and maxed out charges. Nothing fancy really - made it for my own use (first Skyrim mod). There is a new chest at the Whiterun marketplace (near the well), in which you can find the new item.

Check it out here at the Steam workshop.

GPP DX9 1.8 Source and Dohrsoft's Delphi-GPP-Unit
4/25/2015 - Section: Proxy-Dll

Another update to the DX9 GPP source. Still experimental. See the change log below.
Also, Simon from Dohrmann-Software provided a Delphi wrapper (named Delphi-GPP-Unit) for the GPP. It can be downloaded from this site now.

GPP Change log:

- Max number of single line objects now 10 (was 5).
- Internally, now draw single lines on top of multilines
- Added "Picture (from internal memory)” functions

For GPP download, see here.
For Delphi-GPP-Unit, see here (info) and here (download).

GPP Source Experimental Update
1/18/2015 - Section: Proxy-Dll

The source of the DX9 GPP package has been updated (again). Quite experimental for now (and still crashes with some DirectX SDK samples and other apps), but you might want to give it a try. Change log:

- Removed GPHook.dll from package, as not in focus of this project
- Statically linked MFC to gpcomms (no external mfcXX.dll anymore)
- Created 32 and 64 bit compiles
- Moved project to VS2013
- Moved all code from MB to UNICODE
- Simplified the demo (not using key hook anymore, just predefined buttons)
- Added 32 and 64bit Unity test apps (windowed)
- Bugfix of text carry over in ML/SL (was preventing correct clearing of text)
- Changed detection of DX Surface size to work with windowd app
- Changed screenshot creation to work with windowed app

For download, see here (go to bottom). Use at own risk.

GPP Source Updated
1/7/2015 - Section: Proxy-Dll

The source of the DX9 GPP package has been updated, trying to adapt to DirectX SDK (June 2010) - mainly, Direct3DCreate9Ex. Also, added a simple Unity3D test application. For download, see here (go to bottom). Use at own risk.


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